Courses resumption: We have partially resumed our in-person training. We can now teach WFA-20h and AWFA-40h to small groups with increased hygiene measures.

Our training had to be adapted to the public health recommendations of each province. Adjustments include, among others:

  • Small group (max 5-10 depending on the province, including the instructor)
  • Larger classroom (to allow 2m between each participant)
  • Wearing the mask for indoor sessions
  • Respect of 2 meters at all times
  • Increased disinfection of course materials and classroom environment
  • No practice between participants
  • Pre-course screening survey

  • Under no circumstances will we teach a course in a province or territory if it goes against its recommendations. Contact us to organize a course for your group!

    Resumption of WFR-50/80h courses - Given the current restrictions outlined above, our clinical team has made the decision to NOT teach any First Responder level courses at this time. Since the 2 meters standard must be respected at all times in our classrooms and outside (until further notice), we do not see how we can attest to the quality of certain skills specific to our WFR rescuers. In our opinion, the notions are too important to be taught in a theoretical way only. There is a limit to what can be taught by demonstration. To be a Sirius rescuer is to know how to DO what you are taught!

    Although it pains us to have to put the 50-80 hours on hold, we firmly believe that this level of course deserves quality teaching. The SIRIUSMEDx team will be ready to resume these advanced courses as soon as we are able to resume practice inside the 2m (with protection, of course!).

    Were you recertifying this year? You should have received the information by email, but you are eligible for the WFR-50h Hybrid Recertification.

  • New! Hybrid training: Hybrid courses are now available for participants who are in the process of recertification.
  • COVID-specific add-on module: Are you concerned about acting as a rescuer during the pandemic? SIRIUSMEDx launched a refresher module for our participants working in the field during a pandemic.
  • New! Online Manual: Participants will soon be able to download and view the SIRIUSMEDx Reference Manual online from a computer or mobile phone.

  • Worried about acting as a first aider during the pandemic?

    SIRIUSMEDx launched a refresher module for our participants who are working in the field during a pandemic. The 30-minute 'Rescuing during COVID-19' module focuses on the importance of protecting yourself when responding to a victim during the pandemic. There are no prerequisites to take this module, but it is intended for rescuers who have a valid WFA-20, AWFA-40 or WFR-80 certification and who will be required to intervene in the field during the pandemic. The module will allow them to refresh their knowledge of universal protection methods, learn more about COVID-19 and verify that return-to-work and client reception measures are safe in their environment.

    New! Hybrid Wilderness First Aid course

    Participants whose certification expired between March 2020 and now can extend their certification until November 30, 2020 by registering for the online recertification module corresponding to their competency level. The online module will provide a temporary extension of Sirius certification during the pandemic, followed by a hands-on activity session to complete recertification (when public health agencies permit).

    Who is eligible?

    All participants who already hold a valid Wilderness First Aid (20h), an Advanced Wilderness First Aid (40h) or Wilderness First Responder (80h) certification, and whose certification was due to expire in the spring of 2020. If you were scheduled to recertify but had a competitor's card, you are also eligible for hybrid recertification (proof of certification required).

    How does it work?

    1. Register for the online recertification module (Choice of 20h Recertification, 40h Recertification or 80h Recertification, depending on your current level of certification).
    2. Once the modules are completed, Sirius will send you a temporary certification extension valid until November 30, 2020.
    3. You will be required to participate in a day of hands-on activities to complete your recertification and receive a Sirius certification valid for 3 years. If you do not participate in a hands-on day, your temporary certification will expire as scheduled on November 30, 2020. Please note that the dates of the practical days that will be offered are not yet available, given the pandemic, but we will publish the dates as soon as the public health agencies have given their approval for the resumption of our activities.

    What are the benefits?

    The extension of your certification, although temporary and conditional to your presence at one of our practical activity days, will allow you to have an updated certification if your professional activities depend on it this summer (guides, geologists, cartographers and other scientists, engineers, miners, summer camp instructors, etc).

    Am I required to complete this online module if my certification expire in spring of 2020?

    No. The hybrid training was developed to allow participants who need to renew their certification immediately for professional or personal obligations. If you prefer to wait until the pandemic is under control and our in-person training resumes, you can wait to recertify even if your current certification expires before the training resumes. We will allow a grace period until November 30, 2020 to recertify. However, you will not benefit from the temporary extension between the expiry date of your certification and the time you take our in-person training.

    FREE OF CHARGE ! Sign up for the Hybrid 20-40-80 Recertification training and get access to the 'Rescuing during COVID' add-on module at no extra cost!