Training programs

SIRIUSMEDx is the largest provider of wilderness first aid training in Canada. The development of our course curriculum is based on over twenty years of research and field experience. Our program covers wilderness first aid, but also a wide range of specialized courses related to safety in remote areas. Our services may benefit a broad range of industries, governments, scientific exploration groups, adventure tourism professionals and individual outdoor enthusiasts that operate in remote locations. Complying with standards and practices in a wide variety of industries across Canada, our courses cover topics that meet the needs of our clients.

What is unique about our training programs?

  • Our training model facilitates hands-on learning experience through realistic simulations and scenario setting.
  • Our experienced instructors come from various backgrounds and sectors of activity (adventure guides, nurses, paramedics, first responders, military, rescue specialists, etc.), which allows us to adapt training to the diverse realities of businesses.
  • Our programs are recognized by national Occupational Health and Safety organizations in remote areas.
  • Our programs are affiliated with recognized College and University programs.
  • All our trainings are offered in both French and English.

Practical learning method

SIRIUSMEDx prioritizes learning models that focus on practical training and expected competencies. Theoretical content lessons are followed by practical exercises and realistic simulations in the field. This experiential formula allows participants to acquire knowledge and skills in a tangible environment and, consequently, to better immerse themselves in the notions taught.

Languages of instruction

All our programs are offered in both French and English. In order to serve Aboriginal and Inuit communities that speak little or none these two languages, we work closely with our local instructors to make our training programs accessible to Nunavut communities and northern regions of Canada.

Certification and recognition

The training programs offered by SIRIUSMEDx are recognized by the following organizations and institutions, among others:

SIRIUSMEDx training programs follow the guidelines established by:

SIRIUSMEDx training programs have been reviewed and approved by: