Hybrid Training

SIRIUSMEDx is launching a series of hybrid Wilderness First Aid courses. Over the next year, many of our courses will have a hybrid training option. However, we can now present our 20-40-80 hybrid recertification option, developed by our team to meet the challenges incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hybrid Recertification Wilderness First Aid WFA-20h/AWFA-40h/WFR-80h

Hybrid Recertification WFA-20/AWFA-40/WFR-80 is a training course consisting of one day online and one or four days (for WFR recerts) of hands-on practice. It allows individuals certified in Wilderness First Aid, Advanced Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder to recertify by combining the learning of essential online theory, from the comfort of their home or workplace, accessible at all times and adaptable to any learning pace, with practical days that allows you to apply all the concepts studied through experiential education to refresh your skills.

Topics Covered

Theoretical and practical notions of Wilderness First Aid, more specifically the Patient Assessment System (PAS), leadership, the duties, and responsibilities of the rescuer, injury prevention, medical emergencies, wound care, and trauma management..

Course Outline

Cost and duration

Online session : $125 / Approx. 10h

Practical session WFA & AWFA: $175 / 10h

Practical session WFR: $395 / 40h

Course Format

This course is delivered in 2 parts: an online theoretical module and a session of practical activities and realistic simulations designed to acquire the essential skills to work on the field.

WFA & AWFA: The duration of this program is 20 hours, divided into a 10-hours online session at your own pace and a 10-hour day in person.
WFR: The duration of this program is 50 hours, divided into 10 hours online at your own pace and 4 days of 10 hours in person.


  • Hold a valid Wilderness First Aid (20h) certification*
  • OR
  • Hold a valid Advanced Wilderness First Aid (40h) certification*
  • OR
  • Hold a valid Wilderness First Responder (80h) certification*

* Also eligible: Participants whose certification has expired since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, between March 2020 and now.


During the online module, participants are presented with realistic scenarios with evaluated questions. The minimum pass mark for certification is 70%

In addition, evaluation of practical skills is done throughout the practical(s) day(s).


Upon completion of Parts 1 & 2, participants will receive either a Wilderness First Aid, an Advanced Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder recertification depending on their initial certificate.

This recertification is valid for three years.


In order to requalify, before your certification expires, you must follow :

  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA-20h)
  • OR
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR-50 or 80 hr)
  • Hybrid Wilderness First Aid Recertification WFA-20/AWFA-40/WFR-80

  • *See the modalities of the hybrid training in a pandemic period, intended to mitigate the impact on your professional life HERE